John Maier


Category:  Rafting
Price:  S/.120
Rapids Level:  2-4
Date:  April 2011
Location:  Urubamba River, Peru

Aqua Trek Peru Rafting

White water rafting in the Urubamba River near Cusco

  • Experienced English speaking guides
  • Includes lunch and transportation to/from Cusco
  • Rescue kayak which doubles as a photographer
The Aqua Trek office is very near to the Plaza d'Armas, and the trip can be easily arranged there. A small bus picks you up at your hotel around 9AM the morning of the trip and will drop you in the Plaza afterwards by about 5-6PM. The bus travels about 1h30m through the Sacred Valley to bring you to your rafting spot along the Urubamba River. At the base you will get changed and leave your belongings, before taking the bus further up the river. You will finish rafting once you reach the base. It is fine to go barefoot in the raft, but I would recommend a pair of sandals to wear afterwards to avoid walking on the rocks.

Each raft has a highly experienced English speaking guide who will direct you during the trip. Time in the water is about 2h30m. There is also a safety kayaker who will help people that fall out of the rafts, and will take the photos and videos available for purchase afterwards (excellent price of S/.20). The guides give a short 10 minute explanation of how to sit in the raft, paddle, what instructions they will give, etc.

The instructions during the trip will be simple but it is important to follow them well or the boat could tip. The second boat on our trip actually capsized and we had to spend 20-30 minutes gathering the people from the river. They were safe (but scared), and our guides were very calm and in control during the whole process.

The trip was a ton of fun, and the landscape around the river was beautiful. You will get some good exercise and you will also get very wet. At one point, we pulled to the side of the river and were able to jump from a bridge which was very exhilarating. At another point near the end in a calm section, we were allowed to jump out of the boat and float/swim along in the river.

Once we had arrived back at the base, we had access to a hot sauna and showers, followed by a tasty lunch (included). After lunch, we made the trip back to Cusco. I would highly recommend this company for white water rafting in the Sacred Valley. It was a lot of fun, a good price, and the guides were very experienced and had great English. A great adventure if you're in Cusco a few days before starting the Inka Trail.