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John Maier


Palo Alto, CA
Technical Product Marketing, International Growth
01/10 - 08/10
  • Designed, built, and launched many high impact special projects on the international growth team
  • Managed international partners and provided support in implementations of custom integrations
  • Developed code daily using PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL; also wrote scripts in Python
    Some Notable Projects:
  • Orkut Activity Exporter, allowing users in Brazil and India to export their activity to Orkut
  • Hyves Contact Importer, allowing users in the Netherlands to find their friends on Facebook
  • Facebook Voice Updates, mobile phone service launched with Aircel in India
  • Whitepages Miniprofile Widget, integrated with, and others
  • Friend Finder Infrastructure, scalably expanding the friend finder to more email domains


Waterloo, ON
03/09 - Present
  • With two partners, brought diPoll from an idea on paper to a working website with tens of thousands of users
  • Developed product features using PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML and SQL
  • Built and launched user profiles, search, comments, admin framework, XML sitemap generator, etc.
  • Designed and developed MySQL database which records all user, poll and comment data for the entire site
  • Authored all written content on the website including the blog, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use documents
  • Initiated and maintained paid marketing campaigns with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords


New York, NY
Technical Product Manager, Systems
09/08 - 12/08
  • Gained invaluable experience working through product launch, regularly interacting with high level executives, and contributing in an extremely fast-paced start-up company
  • Designed and developed a Retail Locator tool which used webscraping techniques to acquire data (scripted in Python), and plotted the data in real time on an embedded map (coded in Javascript with Google Maps API)
    • Screenshots: [1]
  • Coded automatically generated customer and financial reports (in SQL) to satisfy company data needs


Irvine, CA
Chip Characterization Engineering Intern
01/08 - 04/08
  • Tested and evaluated the effect of core voltage and heat spreading plates on chip temperature using an isolation chamber, thermocouple, voltmeters, DC power supply and computer test station
  • Operated high power testing station for extensive study of signal to noise ratios (SNR) over a range of frequencies in advanced satellite receivers (BCM4506, BCM4507, BCM7325)
  • Developed test automation scripts using VBScript


Ottawa, ON
Researcher, ICPET
01/09 - 04/09
  • Synthesized many iterations of Pt-Ru nanocatalysts for application in direct methanol fuel cells, analyzed XRD spectra to estimate particle size, and tested effect of catalyst variations on fuel cell efficiency
  • Experimental testing and analysis of new ozone treatment of Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG) in order to form trenches and improve absorption of platinum nanoparticles on carbon backbone
Note: Product screenshots may be out of date as changes are made